Turn your classrooms to experiential learning labs, with our gesture interactive and holographic learning applications


"We provide a breakthrough system of movement-based interactive learning games, Transforming special education by bringing movement therapies and academic learning together in one seamless solution."

Thanks to Gesture Research, children of all abilities can enjoy learning using game-based learning system!

Our revolutionary educational software brings the classroom to life with stunning animation. And at an age where experimentation and exploration mean everything to a child’s development – it’s the perfect way to teach. Using Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor, pupils need to combine intelligent thinking with physical gestures in order to solve problems. There are tonnes of awesome adventures too! It’s just up to the teacher to decide what they’re based on.


Engaging kids in the classroom

Nowadays, primary school children are digital natives – they were born to use smart technology! This means traditional teaching methods just aren’t going to cut it. Kids feel more at home with interactive content. And with game-based learning, pupils can’t complete game objectives without understanding the math and other complicated subjects.

That’s why Gesture Research makes learning more fun and effortless.


Embrace the future of Learning with Holographic computing

Traditional education relied heavily on textbooks, videos, memorization, testing, and instruction in order to teach students about hard to see and invisible science topics. Although this method of teaching was successful in the past, new teaching methods like S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and maker education have started making a big impact in the classroom by changing the way students learn: by doing.

Our Mixed Reality applications developed on Microsoft HoloLens transform abstract concepts into 3D experiences in the classroom, enabling students to investigate more deeply, see more clearly, and learn by doing.