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"We experiment with the latest technologies to create mind-blowing experiences through visual immersion and sensorial interaction. Brands can benefit from these cutting edge technologies to provide their clients outstanding immersive experiences that increase brand preference, advocacy and engagement."


Gesture Research is an award winning Tech Based Experiential Marketing campaign development company, focused on providing agencies and their brand clients with engagement solutions. We come up with creative and digital solutions as well as the infrastructure to support the needs of today’s non-traditional marketing initiatives. These include experiential marketing activations, mobile tours, retail and out of home advertising with technologies like Motion Sensing, Gesture Control, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Interactive Projections and Holograms.

Gesture Research is different from traditional digital or interactive companies. We bring together the creative content and the interactive technology, and integrate them with logistics, to deliver turnkey solutions.



Passive Video walls come to life with Gesture Interaction

Passive video walls are no more enough to attract the attention of GenY customers. Our Interactive video walls/Displays solutions can bring life to these passive displays and make them reactive to passerby users. From Interactive Art installations, Branding Campaigns, AdverGames and complicated solutions like virtual dressing rooms. Gesture Research has an extensive experience in delighting customers with amazing interactive experiences.


Enhance reality with the unexpected

The use of Mixed Reality to highlight different physical objects through technological devices is becoming increasingly common. Being able to access detailed product information just by looking at your mobile, and enhancing the impact of innovative marketing campaigns and the interaction with games or animations, are just a sample of the possibilities that this technology enables.
Gesture Research focuses on the use of Augmented Reality as an alternative platform to conventional promotion, both for mobile devices and tablets


Immersive experiences for High Impact installation

Virtual Reality is also a huge opportunity within the Advertising and PR environment because of its ability to foster deep and persuasive touch points. Brands are starting to use Virtual Reality for their mind-blowing installations and partnership activations. Gesture Research can recreate amazing virtual environments either via 360 filming or 3D development, teleporting the user beyond reality.


A new paradigm of product display

Gesture Research’s interactive projection system turns any surface into a dynamic, hands-on interactive display, encouraging shoppers to touch, grab and pick up products, and rewarding them with information, animations and engaging branded content. It combines the benefits of online shopping with the advantages of traditional retail, creating an entirely unique experience aimed to increase sales and product tracking dramatically.


Sci-Fi becomes reality

Gesture Research is pushing forward holographic displays, an element that has always been associated with science fiction, that now is part of our daily reality. We are, in fact, currently using holographic content as a decorative element for different events or installations and exploring how to manipulate our own holographic projections through ad-hoc displays and devices.


A new paradigm of product display

Gesture Research develops different robot applications for commercial uses or branded installations, through arduino and raspberry pi technologies, allowing them to perform multiple different tasks including yoga classes, dancing, moving objects, or even preparing cocktails at events and receptions.


Magic comes to life to teleport users

4D installations seek to maximize the impact of virtual experiences on all our senses, rather than view only. Using a wide range of motorized objects controlled by Arduino technology, we can provide virtual immersion that impacts all senses to further teleport the user in a completely new dimension. Feel the wind when flying over a city, be in a middle of an earthquake and sense how everything wobbles around you, or just relax watching the sunset, feeling the breeze on your face and the smell of the sea… all this is possible; and much more.

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